Hooking Kit (MD)

The diacutaneous fibrolysis is a hooking technique taught for the treatment of pain of the musculoskeletal system such that epicondylitis, muscle and tendon Fibrosis, etc ...

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The hooking.

The hooking technique is a method of treatment for the algies of the musculo-tendinous apparatus. The hooks have curvatures studied to match the area to be treated. The rounded spatula and the curvatures® are anatomically studied and are perfectly adapted for tendons and muscles.

The Hooking Kit

  • Our kit is composed of 3 pairs of hooks (6 hooks MD), delivered in an adapted black case.
    • A DVD including more than one hour of course and demonstrations of the use of the hooks to treat the main pathologies.
    • Access to an improvement course at reduced price.

The 3 pairs of hooks are made of stainless steel, perfectly solid for a long period of use.


Treatment of the musculo-tendinous pathologies of the locomotor system by physiotherapists, manual therapists and osteopaths.